Mission statement:

Homer Drawdown’s Climate Smart Homes project aims to improve the energy efficiency of Homer homes. A special emphasis will be given to renters, low income households, seniors, single parents, or those who live with disabilities. This project aims to help people by providing resources for energy efficiency home improvements, lowering heating costs and carbon emissions.

Some of the ways we will implement this project are:

Our project: Climate Smart Homes

In Alaska, heating is one of our biggest climate impacts. 73% of the energy used by an average Kenai Peninsula house goes to space heating. Heating that average house emits between 11 to 30 metric tons of CO2 per year, depending on the fuel used. Upgrading an average house to a heat-efficient house, or switching an oil-heated house to a heat pump system could save between 6 and 9 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year for each house upgraded.


Metric tons