Peatland Project

Donations go directly to local peatland protection!

Our Project

Homer Drawdown: Peatland Project is a community-wide collaboration to protect and restore peatlands. Peatlands are special wetlands that store a lot of carbon and play critical roles in our local ecosystems, cultures and economies. They also mitigate the threats of climate change by recharging our aquifers and reducing wildfires. We aim to illuminate the interconnectedness of peatlands to people and the climate, while honoring indigenous stewardship of the Kenai landscape by the Dena’ina and Sugpiaq cultures.

Community Science

Volunteer to help us map the depth of local peatlands.

Art for Peat

We are planning many arts-based activities and programs that will bring peatlands to the hearts and minds of all.

Personal Peatland Survey

Experience a Peatland for yourself and share your thoughts...

Restoration and Enhancement

The choice for ‘no action’ is not a choice for ‘no change’. Our local peatlands are undergoing rapid transformation in the face of a warming climate. Our restoration project will involve several small-scale pilot experiments to explore strategies for peatland health and function including sustainable trail construction, revegetation and rewetting manipulations.

Conservation and Management

Intact and functioning peatlands are not widely recognized as a resource commodity worth protecting, though they provide many direct benefits to the humans, ecosystems and aquifers of the Kenai Lowlands. We aim to harness the power of our public voice to protect our local peatlands through positive engagement with local landowners, managers and policy makers. Our fundraising efforts will go directly to the Stewardship Funds of the Kachemak Heritage Landtrust to ensure peatland protection in perpetuity.

Teen Peatland Expedition

Homer Drawdown is collaborating with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies to provide an inclusive opportunity for teens to join an expedition-style four-day/three-night backpacking trip along one of Homer’s many watershed systems. This mini-expedition will conduct scientific research in a local peatland and identify the incredible plants and mosses that grow on its surface, then travel between wetlands and the beach where they will also look at the natural history and geology of Kachemak Bay. Participants will have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, backpacking experience, and dive deep into the ecology and history of peat—an often overlooked but vital part of Homer’s ecosystem! There will be teamwork, there will be exploration, there might be s’mores, there will be fun!

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How We Chose our Project...

Using the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken, we identified meaningful and well researched solutions that don’t just stabilize levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, but that actually draw emissions back down to sustainable levels.
The Drawdown series is centered in the belief that community led, middle-out solutions, are the most influential solutions we can enact. After nine months of brainstorming and researching local projects, the Homer Drawdown community democratically chose one achievable solution to put our collective energy towards over the next year: Community Education, Conservation and Restoration of Peatlands.

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