Homer Drawdown Mission Statement:

Homer Drawdown is a de-centralized, community effort to mitigate the climate crisis at the local level. Using the book Drawdown:The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, we aim to identify meaningful and well researched solutions that stabilize levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Homer Drawdown is grounded in the belief that community led, middle-out solutions, are the most influential solutions we can enact.

Not in the Homer area?  You can organize a community climate project in your town with this Climate Action Kit! 

Community Science

Volunteer to help us map the depth of local peatlands.

Art for Peat

Arts-based activities and programs bring peatlands to the hearts and minds of all. View our gallery of peatland themed artwork.

Conservation and Management

Intact and functioning peatlands are not widely recognized as a resource commodity worth protecting, though they provide many direct benefits to the humans, ecosystems and aquifers of the Kenai Lowlands. We aim to harness the power of our public voice to protect our local peatlands through positive engagement with local landowners, managers and policy makers. Our fundraising efforts will go directly to the Stewardship Funds of the Kachemak Heritage Landtrust to ensure peatland protection in perpetuity.

Get Involved

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How We Chose our Project...

Climate change can be confronted with local action, and every community has a part to play.

Middle out climate solutions are often overlooked and under appreciated. We are led to believe that climate action occurs through personal lifestyle choices and or petitioning the government. Both are important, but community-led, middle out solutions are more impactful than personal choices alone are, and more immediate than changing the slow gears of government. Learn how to leverage your community’s ability to tackle the climate crisis with the Climate Action Kit.  

Organize Your Own Community Climate Solutions—Using this Climate Action Kit

If this sounds like the kind of change you're ready to see in your community, this ActionKit is for you! This ActionKit breaks down our process and how it can work for you. Creating change at any level can feel daunting. The ActionKit divides the process into the following four distinct phases that your community will move through over the course of about 12 months : Re-Frame Your Thinking, Gather Your Community, Choose Your Solution, and Act On Your Ideas.